What’s Wrong With Renting A Home?

This $400, home would have a total mortgage payment of $2160 but rents for $2395.

“We’re moving to Denver. We want to rent for a little while before we buy home.” It’s a common chorus that has been heard many times when people first decide they’re relocating to Denver. The only problem is renting now is a whole lot harder than it used to be and many would-renters are disappointed […]

Getting The Denver Real Estate Market

Denver Relocation buyers Tom and Kristen had to learn the Denver real estate market.

When people first think about relocating to Denver from out of state, the really don’t understand how strong some segments of the Denver real estate market really are. I’ve been selling Denver real estate since the 1970’s. So, I have a history when I say that the Denver Real Estate Market is very strong! It’s […]

South Aurora Relocation: Great Schools, Neighborhoods, Affordably

Southlands offers Cherry Creek schools, new home construction and the Aurora Reservoir.

Where can Denver relocation buyers still find incredible schools, family-filled neighborhoods close to both the Denver Tech Center and Downtown Denver at an affordable home price?  The answer is Southeast Aurora homes for sale, of course!
It’s true. There just aren’t many choices for new construction homes with all the amenities available in Southlands, Wheatlands, Beacon […]

Relocating Pets to Denver

Cat In Denver

I received a call from a Denver relocation client asking a good question about how many dogs they can have within their house when they move.  I’ve had plenty of questions about pets in condos or townhomes, but never in a single family home.  They’re moving to Aurora, Colorado but the question is universal. 

Christie’s International Picks Kentwood

This Christies sign is now on all Kentwood homes for sale over $1million.

Christie’s International is the real estate division of the famous New York art auction house.  It has just named The Kentwood Company as its exclusive Denver affiliate to market luxury Denver homes.
When I first heard this news I must admit I had some mixed feelings.  On the one hand I was very excited