Britney Moving To Denver?

By Elizabeth Hotz, First Time Buyer Agent

Denver Home Buyers?

Is it possible that Denver might get another celebrity resident? That’s right, and according to a report in the Denver Post, there’s a new girl in town and it’s Miss Britney Spears.

According to her security guard, the former pop icon and current embattled celebrity made a trip out to Denver with her on-and-off boyfriend and drug counselor, John Sundahl

mid-December. Sundahl is reportedly a major real estate developer who has plans to relocate to the Mile High City in the New Year. And it appears that Brit-Brit just might be on his arm when he arrives.

The cozy couple was quite busy during their stay in Denver. After arriving by private plane, they looked at property in the coveted Cherry Creek North. This area has a reputation for fine dining, designer boutiques and plenty of high-end real estate. Apparently, one piece of property must have caught Sundahl’s eye, as it is reported that he plopped down a hefty $2.2 million dollar deposit during the house-hunting trip.

Cherry Creek is hardly the hot nightlife spot for the under 30 crowd, as it is known for more sophisticated scene. The retired Bronco’s quarterback, John’s place, “Elway’s” is popular for late night music and rubbing elbows with Denver’s social elite. However, the average age there is just shy of retirement. Never fear, there is the posh “North” Italian Bistro just down the street, which has a killer Happy Hour and energetic atmosphere. The average age there runs in 30’s at least. Most of the “hot clubs” for the young and young at heart are in located Lo-Do about 5 miles northwest of Cherry Creek. Those clubs open around 9 but don’t even get crowded until around 11 pm – way more up the 25 year old star’s alley.

It is also under speculation that Spears and Sundahl took a trip to Estes Park, about an hour North of Denver, to check out the Harmony Foundation, a reputable 28-day rehabilitation center. The Harmony Foundation is located just on the tip of Rocky Mountain National Park and spans over 40 acres. This picturesque facility specifically focuses on addicts with chemical dependencies – hum…. remind you of any former Musketeers? There’s no way to verify if the Harmony Foundation is in Britney future, as Marcy Hoester, the facility spokesman, explained to the Denver Post that she is unable to confirm or deny who has visited or entered into their rehab programs.

After Estes Park, the couple’s car was spotted in Boulder by a group of campus reporters, cleverly called the CU Gossip Girls. Boulder is located just 35 minutes Northwest of Denver and is home to the University of Colorado. Boulder is well known for it’s intermingling of liberal, alternative and eco-friendly environment and wealthy lifestyle.

The real question is why wouldn’t this high-drama pop tart relocate to our beloved city? Denver was just ranked by Forbes as the Best City for Singles in the country. We’re only 45 minutes away from the nearest ski slope. Denver boasts nearly 300 days of sunshine a year. Our public schools have some of the highest rankings in America. Furthermore, some of my local girlfriends have fondly renamed our capitol “Menver” to reflect that fact that our city has a higher ratio of men to women than any other city in the US. Not to mention the fact that we have almost zero paparazzi.

Yes, why wouldn’t any struggling celebrity, down on her luck, want to call Denver home? I know I would.


  1. Gretchen Toebing says

    That photo is of Britney and her body guard Damian, not John Sundahl. John Sundahl has short blond hair.

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